Triumph 1300 Saloon 4 Door

The Triumph was purchased by Miss Jeffery on the 18th of June 1968, but not before seeking suitability advice from the Automobile Association, there is a letter dated the 15th of February 1968 outlining the differences between the B.M.C 1100 car and the Triumph 1300. The AA also sent detailed road test reports which are included in the mammoth history file. Although the Triumph was much more expensive than the B.M.C. 1100, Miss Jeffery favoured the high quality build of the Triumph and wrote to the Standard Triumph Factory to enquire about paint and trim colours, the reply from the factory is most courteous, but informs Miss Jeffery that the colours printed in there advertising brochure are the only colours available. Miss Jeffery was disappointed to find that having chosen the Triumph she was going to have to wait for three months for a new car to be built, Miss Jeffery ordered her new Triumph to be finished in Valencia Blue with Tan Trim, the order was placed with J.M.Rodgers and Company of Brixton near Plymouth, the original Bill of Sale is included in the file. Shortly after taking delivery of her new Triumph, Miss Jeffery was compelled to write to the Standard Triumph Factory with a huge list of complaints regarding the poor quality of her Triumph, her letter begins, Dear Sir, on Tuesday the 18th of June 1968 i took delivery of a Valencia Blue Triumph 1300 ( after a 3 months wait ) and said " goodbye " to my 6 years and 9 months old Anglia, which looked as new as the day i bought it, my garage will confirm this. From that day, my troubles began. The car in the condition you see today is due mainly to Miss Jefferys persistence in hounding the factory , the first list of complaints ( 39 faults ) was just the start. Letters from the Standard Triumph " Chairmans Office " Lord Stokes no less were to continue for over 18 months, way beyond the warranty period. During Miss Jefferys ownership, she was a stickler for servicing and maintaining the Triumph to the highest of standards, always using Main Dealers or Distributors, always treating her car to wax polishes on each visit, the records are impeccable, with over 120 invoices or service documents in the history file. The Triumph was used mainly for special trips and tours, these journeys were planned with military precision. First of all Miss Jeffery would write to the Automobile Association for a detailed route map before beginning her journey. The fascinating records are still preserved in the original manila envelopes. The Triumph has all its original documents including the Green Log Book, Triumph Hand Book, Workshop manual, Showroom Sales Brochure, Britax Seat Belt guide, Triumph colour slip, Radio mobile instructions, Triumph price list, Steering column operators guide, Krooklok instructions, Triumph Sales and Service directory, Triumph Accessories guide and even Petrol ration coupons. Miss Jeffery also kept a hand written journal detailing miles per gallon, journey times, traffic conditions, all of this documentation will of course accompany this special little jem. The Triumph has now covered 45176 miles from new and is presented in a beautiful preserved condition, open the door and you will find factory fresh woodwork perfect chrome instruments, factory fresh seats and carpets, an absolute joy, the boot area is again factory fresh. The paint work and chrome is superb, even the original Triumph wheel trims still have a sparkle. On the road the Triumph will impress, quite, smooth and a real treat to drive. This is a chance to own a very special 60,s motor car of extremely high quality, it truly is second to none.

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